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I stock my freezer with anti-inflammatory foods


I was talking to my patient about COVID19 and anti-inflammatory diet today and showed her how I stock my freezer with anti-inflammatory foods.

I bought many foods when panic buying hit New York. I bought a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, mushrooms, fish, grass-fed meat, beans, eggs, nuts, and some healthy snacks such as dark chocolate. I also went to Japanese grocery stores to buy Natto (fermented soybeans), tofu, miso, seaweed, and some Japanese vegetables.

Here is what I stock in my freezer

- Lemon juice with grated ginger in ice cube trays. I bought a bag of organic lemons and squeezed lemon juice and froze in the ice cube trays. One tray is for just lemon, and another one is lemon with grated ginger.

- Grilled chicken liver: I bought organic chicken livers and cooked them with garlic and onions. Add turmeric too. The liver is high in zinc!

- Lamb Keema Curry: I found grass-fed ground lamb at Whole Foods Market. I made the keema curry with lots of vegetables.

- White beans and salmon miso stew: I used many white vegetables and some green vegetables to make white miso stew.

- Nimono simmered root vegetables: Japanese dish with burdock root, carrot, daikon radish, , and shimeji mushrooms for my gut health.

-Tomato-based vegetable stew: I used 8 vegetables to make this stew and add a bit of miso!

- Sautéed dandelion greens: Sautéed garlic, ginger, onion, and dandelion greens and seasoned with salt & pepper. I used this for my pasta or omelet.

- Celery juice / Dandelion and apple juice: I made my morning green juice just in case.

- Natto: fermented soybeans. I eat with rice, pasta, or in soup... great source of probiotics!

- Tiny anchovies: I use the small fishes for sautéed vegetables, salad, tempura, or just eat with rice.

- Cooked brown rice: I use the rice to make fried rice, risotto, or make rice balls.

- Brazil nuts: one of the best sources of selenium. I eat 1-2 nuts every day.

I believe that cooking improves your health physically and psychologically! I will introduce each recipe in my freezer this week and hope you can enjoy trying these recipes!

Posted on April 7th, 2020

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