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Hello! I am a New York-based registered dietitian nutritionist and have been treating my clients for 25 + years. I believe food is medicine, but I always get a question about what kinds of food are available and how to eat food as medicine. I analyze your body types based on your lifestyle, family, medical history, and any medical test results and suggest what foods and nutrients you need. I have seen many people whose lives change because of their diet changes! My consultation is based on medical nutrition therapy, but I also use the macrobiotic diet and Eastern medicine methods if needed. Let's work together to find out the root causes of illness. Click here to learn more about nutrition sessions.


Discover the Japanese secret to slow aging with these 7 lessons. Aging gracefully is a universal desire, and Japan has a wealth of knowledge on the topic. Learn how to maintain your youthful energy and glow with these time-tested tips.

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Lecture: Breast cancer and Nutrition

October 2021


Lectures: stress and nutrition

May 2020 ~Part II~


nutrition lectures: healthy meal plans

May 2021 ~Part I~

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