Many people know that food is medicine, but I always get a question about what kinds of food and how to eat food as medicine. I analyze your body types based on your lifestyle, family, and medical history, and any medical test results and suggest to you what foods and nutrients you will need. I have seen many people whose lives change because of their diet changes! My consultation is based on medical nutrition therapy, but I also use the macrobiotic diet and eastern medicine methods if needed. Although my clients are from newborn babies to seniors, both female, and male, I have been treating more females with these issues:  

- Gynecologic cancer: breast cancer, ovarian and cervical cancer, endometrial cancer.

- Gynecological health: fibroids, endometriosis, yeast infections, urinary tract infection, Polycystic ovary syndrome, PMS, PMDD, heavy periods, etc.

- Thyroid diseases.

- Diabetes. 

- Pregnancy issues: infertility, gestational diabetes, weight control, anemia, other issues. 

- Weight control, 

- Skin disorders: eczema (atopic dermatitis), psoriasis, acne  

She has also seen male clients with weight issues, diabetes,

and other issues.  Infants and children with allergy, 

failure to thrive, eating disorders, etc. 


Need nutrition advice for women's health issues?



- 婦人科系がん:乳がん、子宮・子宮頸がん

- 婦人科系疾患:子宮筋腫・内膜症、月経前症候群(PMS)、月経前不快気分障害(PMDD)、カンジダ膣炎、尿路感染症等

- 体重コントロール

- 甲状腺疾患

- 糖尿病

- 妊娠関連:妊娠糖尿病、不妊、体重管理、貧血等

​- 皮膚疾患:アレルギー、アトピーなど

- めまい、偏頭痛、貧血など女性に多い症状




Matcha green tea tofu cake with black tahini sauce

July 6, 2020

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nutrition lectures: stress and nutrition for breast cancer survivors

BCネットワーク(Breast Cancer)の第2回バーチャル栄養講座で「ストレスと栄養」をテーマにストレスと体内炎症、抗酸化炎症のある栄養と食事ののお話をしました。



nutrition lectures: healthy meal plans for breast cancer survivors

BCネットワーク(Breast Cancer)の第1回バーチャル栄養講座で  「健康を意識した簡単レシピ」をテーマにコロナウイルス の自粛生活で簡単に作れるレシピと栄養のお話をしました。

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