Pan-fried Brussel sprouts with lemon shoyu

April 25, 2020

My favorite Brussel sprouts recipe with shoyu and lemon.  
Shoyu is soy sauce in Japanese.  If you are gluten-free, please use tamari shoyu.



If I had yuzu  or sudachi citrus, I would use it instead of lemon. 



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Or you can purchase organic yuzu juice from here. You can make yuzunade mix yuzu juice with honey or your favorite sweetener and sparkling water. It is so tasty!


Organic Yuzu Juice first press by Miyagawa Bussan 











Organic Yuzu Juice by Hikari food 













Here is the recipe!


Pan-fried Brussel sprouts with lemon 


Servings: 4

20-25 halved (or cut into four) Brussel sprouts

Garlic, chopped 1 teaspoon

Olive oil 3 Tablespoons

Water 1 cup

Green scallions, chopped 1/2 cup

Lemon Shoyu 2 Tablespoons

- shoyu 1/2 cup

- lemon juice 1/3 cup

- mirin (sweet cooking sake) 2 Tablespoons, or other sweetener if you like. 


1. Sauté garlic and Brussel sprouts with olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper over medium-high heat. 


2. Cook until sprouts turned brown and add water. Cook for 20 minutes with a lid.

3. Add chopped green scallions and lemon shoyu. Cover with a lid and cook 1 minute.







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